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Take a peek inside our Wonderworld

The imposing double-height hall, which was the setting for spectacular aristocratic parties that remained long in the memory of the members of the family and the wealthy Milanese society that frequented them, can be accessed from the grand staircase, ending in two opposite flights and embellished by balustrades in variegated marble, decorated with elegant arabesque motifs and the Visconti snake.

A vestibule adequate to the magnificence of the interior, but still sober and discreet compared to what will soon be seen.

It introduces the hall into a small, delightful room decorated with stuccos, frescoes and paintings. Therefore, when one of the access doors opens wide, the dazzle produced by the view of the living room is amazing, and for a few very long minutes the spectator’s eye runs enchanted from the walls to the ceiling, and from this to the decorative elements, without being able to focus on the details.

The Hall is immediately accessible from the main floor entrance and allows for the provision of the necessary services to welcome guests of the meetings held in the Sala Visconti.


Capacity: usually used as an entrance hall
6.50×8.50 meters