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Take a peek inside our Wonderworld

The ballroom of Palazzo Visconti, the result of a renovation of the entire building commissioned by Duke Giuseppe Visconti di Modrone and entrusted to the architect Alfredo Campanini, who chose the neo-baroque style for this environment, is covered with stuccos, canvases and frescoes in the early years of the twentieth century.

It is a double-height hall built from scratch, demolishing the pre-existing walls and assembling authentic eighteenth-century paintings with stuccos, boiseries, wrought iron and twentieth-century frescoes, as stated in Marina Degl’Innocenti’s essay. An exceptional environment conceived in the name of cultural continuity with the aristocratic costumes of the eighteenth century and stylistic coherence with its sumptuous settings.

Originally conceived as a ballroom, the Sala Visconti is the fulcrum of the entire complex of rooms. Thanks to its considerable size it can accommodate a large number of guests and any type of event with the certainty of having chosen a unique and classy environment.


Capacity: 150 people for seated lunch/dinner, 170 as theater
11.00×12.00 meters